As Nigerian Government Seeks to Fully Embrace Biogas Innovations, American-Based Firm Expands Service Portfolio

Global NRG Advisory LLC (Global), a prominent New York-based firm specializing in renewable natural gas (RNG) advisory services, has unveiled an expansion of its service portfolio. This strategic move aims to provide enhanced support to both entities and investors interested in the burgeoning North American RNG market.

The first addition to Global’s repertoire is its Market Entry Services, a comprehensive suite designed to assist companies in their entry into the North American RNG market. Leveraging the collective experience and expertise of its professionals, Global is equipped to offer guidance on market strategy, resource allocation, company formation, and a range of support services.

This initiative seeks to facilitate a smoother and more successful market entry for interested parties. The second service introduced is the Pre-Development Service. Global’s approach involves initiating a cluster of projects in the Midwestern United States, meticulously nurturing them to attain a “shovel-ready” status. This entails various critical stages such as technology tendering, land acquisition, off-take agreements, and permitting. The objective here is to enable investors to readily acquire these projects, essentially making them available “off the shelf.” By doing so, Global aims to significantly reduce the time required for these projects to begin generating revenue, a prospect that holds significant appeal for potential investors. Chris Negus, a partner at Global, expressed enthusiasm about these new offerings.

He stated, “As we continue to expand, we are delighted to broaden our service offerings within the North American market. This aligns with our overarching mission to foster growth within the Renewable Natural Gas industry on a global scale. We are actively seeking to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders, including investors, distilleries, breweries, food producers, and players in the dairy industry. Our goal is to diversify and expand our list of pre-development projects.” Global’s strategic expansion comes at a pivotal moment in the RNG industry’s evolution, offering valuable support to those seeking to navigate the complexities of entering the North American market. With its comprehensive services, the firm aims to play a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Renewable Natural Gas sector, providing opportunities for investors and businesses across various industries to contribute to a sustainable energy future.


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