As The World Seeks New Solutions For Sustainable Mobility, Scania Unravels Possible Solutions.

German transportation company Flix and Swedish manufacturer Scania have unveiled an extensive, long-term partnership aimed at pioneering sustainable mobility solutions. The collaboration’s first milestone will involve Scania supplying Flix, known for its intercity bus services spanning Europe, North America, and Brazil, with up to 50 Bio-LNG (LBG) coaches by 2025.

These innovative vehicles will be constructed based on Irizar’s i6s Efficient coach design and will feature Scania’s cutting-edge chassis and LNG powertrain. Notably, this powertrain has been engineered to seamlessly switch between the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and LBG, a bio-based counterpart. Initially, the coaches will operate on a combination of LBG and LNG fuels, transitioning to exclusively renewable fuels as infrastructure allows. This shift is projected to result in an impressive reduction of up to 80% in CO2 emissions on average, a remarkable environmental achievement according to both companies.

Johanna Salomonsson Lind, the senior vice president and head of people transport solutions at Scania, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our ambition is to be a front-runner in the shift towards sustainable transport, and this collaboration with Flix represents a significant step in that direction. Biogas solutions are truly circular, and they’re possible to implement today, providing a sustainable solution that meets climate targets and reinforces social responsibility. The coaches also represent a smart and sensible choice, because they supply the range and power needed to support any route, at low cost in terms of both investment and operating economy. We are extremely happy to do this jointly with Flix as we know that a wide implementation of biogas solutions can have such a positive impact, not only for the operator, but also for authorities and society at large.”

Scania’s experience in the realm of biogas buses is substantial, having previously supplied Nottingham City Transport with the world’s largest fleet of biogas double-decker buses. This history of success underscores their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, further solidifying their position as leaders in the industry.

In summary, the partnership between Flix and Scania marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable mobility. The introduction of Bio-LNG coaches, capable of transitioning to fully renewable fuels, promises substantial reductions in carbon emissions and sets a commendable precedent for the transportation sector’s future.


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