BioEnergy Enters Indian Market.

Gruner Renewable Energy (GRE), a start-up based in Noida, India, has joined forces with BioEnergy, a prominent German company specializing in technology and engineering for biomass-based gas plants. This dynamic partnership marks BioEnergy’s entry into the Indian market.

To commemorate this collaboration, an inaugural event took place in Nagpur, India, on August 5th. The event gathered partners, attendees, media representatives, and esteemed guests. The ceremony opened with the traditional lighting of diyas, setting the stage for the introduction of GRE’s partners, BioEnergy’s German associates, and members of the media. Notable among the attendees was Achal Thool, a Nagpur-based entrepreneur who invested ₹20 crore in the construction of a 50-tonne-per-day biogas plant near Nagpur. This plant is poised to become operational in the coming months.

The agenda of the event featured a special presentation by GRE, offering an exclusive tour of their innovative biogas plant machinery and equipment, emphasizing their pivotal role in the biogas production process. Subsequently, BioEnergy Germany showcased their cutting-edge biogas technology, shedding light on their corporate mission and core values.

Utkarsh Gupta, the visionary founder and CEO of Gruner Renewable, revealed that the company has successfully secured 42 firm contracts for the establishment of biogas plants, with many more in the pipeline. Under their innovative business model, Gruner Renewable will construct personalized biogas plants for clients, leveraging BioEnergy’s design expertise. The gas produced by these plants will be purchased back by Gruner Renewable and marketed under the ‘Gruner’ brand name.

Gupta elaborated that the construction of a typical biogas plant, capable of processing 40-50 tons-per-day of feedstock, would require an investment of approximately ₹15 crore. Such a plant would yield two to three tonnes of gas per day. It was revealed that a tonne of biomass could generate around 90 cubic meters of gas.

Notably, BioEnergy, with two decades of experience, has successfully erected more than 300 plants across 12 countries. They are currently engaged in constructing the largest biogas plant globally in Malawi, Southern Africa. This massive plant will power a 56 MW capacity power plant using the generated gas.

Gupta expressed strong confidence that Gruner Renewable would play a pivotal role in the establishment of a minimum of 100 biogas plants in 2023. This ambitious target is aligned with the Indian government’s plan to have a total of 5,000 such plants in operation by 2024.


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