Biogas Innovations achieve another successful advancement

EQTEC, a global technology innovator specializing in waste-to-value solutions for hydrogen, biofuels, and energy generation, has recently completed steam-oxygen gasification tests. These tests were conducted in collaboration with the Energy from Biomass and Wastes (ERBE) team at Université de Lorraine in France, as part of the feasibility work on the Biogaz Gardanne project awarded to EQTEC in March 2023.

The results of the tests are promising, indicating that EQTEC’s steam-oxygen gasification technology can be applied at a commercial scale. This technology proves vital for producing advanced biofuels, and it enables autonomous and efficient operations without external energy supply.

The objectives of the tests were to assess the feasibility of gasifying Grade B waste wood, validate simulation results, and evaluate the quality of the syngas produced for subsequent methanation processes. The EQTEC technology showcased continuous, efficient conversion of Grade B waste wood, despite its complexity due to non-reactive materials like glass and metal that need to be removed. The tests also demonstrated stable fluidisation and temperature in the gasification reactor, highlighting efficient oxygen distribution and feedstock conversion.

The high-quality syngas produced through the steam-oxygen gasification approach holds great potential for upgrading to support efficient methanation and renewable natural gas production. Additionally, the tests confirmed the responsiveness of EQTEC’s proprietary control systems, optimizing gas composition through managing temperature, pressure, and other factors.

The envisioned waste-to-energy facility under the Biogaz Gardanne project aims to convert up to 100,000 tonnes of Grade B waste wood into renewable natural gas for injection into the natural grid using integrated gasification and methanation processes. The completion of these tests provides crucial validation for EQTEC’s proprietary and patented steam-oxygen gasification technology.

Yoel Alemán, CTO of EQTEC, expressed the significance of these tests in their technology innovation roadmap and the potential to produce various off-takes like hydrogen, methane, or other biofuels from different fuels, including biomass, RDF, and plastics.

Yann Rogaume, head of the ERBE Team, emphasized the stability and effectiveness of the conversion process and the efficient production of syngas. David Le Saint, managing director of EQTEC France SAS, highlighted the importance of the Biogaz Gardanne project in France’s progressive approach to renewable energy infrastructure development.

The successful steam-oxygen gasification tests position EQTEC at the forefront of waste-to-value capabilities, paving the way for the application of their syngas technology in various applications, particularly the rapidly growing RNG market in France. The company looks forward to advancing their proprietary process capabilities and implementing this knowledge in commercial-scale plants.


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