Biogas Trends as Brazil’s Energisa Enters RNG Market With Acquisition.

Energisa, a prominent Brazilian energy company, has successfully acquired an impressive 83.3% stake in Agric Adubos e Gestão de Resíduos Industriais e Comerciais. This Santa Catarina-based firm specializes in the composting of industrial organic waste to create valuable biofertilizers. The transaction involved a substantial financial commitment, with Energisa disbursing a total of R$6.5 million (equivalent to €1.2 million). Additionally, Energisa made a significant capital infusion into Agric, contributing R$53.5 million (equivalent to €9.9 million).

The newly infused capital will play a pivotal role in financing strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the composting system operated by Agric. This includes critical investments to modernize and optimize the composting process. Furthermore, a noteworthy part of the funding will be allocated towards the development of an innovative project focused on the production of biogas and biomethane. These eco-friendly energy sources hold immense potential for contributing to Brazil’s ongoing efforts in transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy alternatives.

Energisa, in a formal statement, highlighted the significance of this acquisition. The company’s move into the renewable natural gas production and commercialization sector marks a significant stride in supporting Brazil’s broader energy transition objectives. The integration of biogas and biomethane production aligns with the nation’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting greener energy solutions.

The acquisition serves as a testament to Energisa’s dedication to driving positive change in the energy landscape. By expanding into the realm of biofertilizers and renewable natural gas, Energisa is not only positioning itself as a key player in sustainable energy but also as a pioneer in exploring innovative ways to repurpose organic waste materials. This acquisition not only bolsters Energisa’s strategic portfolio but also adds a new dimension to their operations, broadening their influence in the evolving energy sector.

Energisa’s acquisition of a significant majority stake in Agric Adubos e Gestão de Resíduos Industriais e Comerciais underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable energy future for Brazil. The sizeable financial investment, along with the company’s plans for improving composting systems and venturing into biogas and biomethane production, positions Energisa as a catalyst for positive change in the renewable energy domain. This move resonates with Brazil’s broader goals of achieving a cleaner, more ecologically balanced energy landscape while contributing to the ongoing global efforts of combating climate change.


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