Call for Urgent Renewable Energy Adoption

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Patron and Board of Trustees member of the Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet), Mr. Sam Onuigbo, emphasized the critical need for Nigeria to swiftly embrace renewable energy to combat climate change. Speaking at the Multi Stakeholders National Consultative Dialogue and Post-COP28 workshop in Abuja, he underscored the role of renewable energy in addressing climate challenges, citing the recently enacted Electricity Act of 2023.

Onuigbo urged stakeholders, including private sectors and civil society organizations, to explore the opportunities presented by the Electricity Act 2023, stressing that development and climate change are not in competition but complementary forces. He called for concerted efforts to leverage these opportunities and mitigate climate change impacts in Nigeria and globally.

The Chairman of CSDevNet’s Board of Trustees, Prof. Ibrahim Choji, welcomed participants, hailing COP28’s historic agreement to transition away from fossil fuels. He acknowledged the threats to livelihoods and ecosystems, highlighting the establishment of a Loss and Damage Fund as a recognition of injustices faced by vulnerable nations. Prof. Choji emphasized the importance of unpacking COP28 outcomes, characterizing it as a crucial exercise in introspection and strategic planning.

Dr. Sam Ogallah, Senior Climate Change Advisor for the African Union, underscored Africa’s pivotal role in addressing the global climate crisis, emphasizing the continent’s abundance of critical minerals. Ogallah called for a shift in the narrative and appreciation for Africa’s resources, stressing the need to consider the source of critical minerals for renewable technologies.

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Kenneth Akpan, Project Coordinator for Oxfam Nigeria, emphasized the interconnectedness of climate change, poverty, and insecurity. He argued that addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach and stressed the inseparability of poverty and climate change.

The event also witnessed significant moments, including the conferment of the patron title on Mr. Sam Onuigbo, the presentation of awards of recognition to deserving individuals, and the unveiling of the new CSDevNet building in Abuja. These milestones marked a commitment to advancing sustainable development, environmental responsibility, and collaborative efforts to combat climate change in Nigeria.


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