Decarbonization Agreements To Boost Energy

Sasol and Air Liquide have entered into 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) as part of their joint initiative to decarbonize operations. Mainstream, a leading renewable energy developer in South Africa, is proud to be their partner in delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for decarbonization needs.

Hein Reyneke, General Manager for Africa at Mainstream, emphasized the significance of these agreements in addressing the country’s energy constraints swiftly and cost-effectively. Mainstream’s reputation as a successful renewable energy developer positions it as a preferred partner for private PPAs, playing a crucial role in advancing the energy transition in South Africa.

Reyneke highlighted the positive impact of the project on the local community, emphasizing job creation and socio-economic investment. The agreements reflect Mainstream’s commitment to providing viable commercial and socio-economic solutions to address South Africa’s energy security needs amid the ongoing energy transition.

Mainstream is actively contributing to the country’s energy landscape with a project pipeline exceeding 10GW of onshore wind and solar developments across various provinces. The company’s subsidiary, Mainstream Asset Management South Africa (MAMSA), ensures long-term asset integrity through operations and maintenance services.

Reyneke expressed satisfaction that Mainstream is leading the way in the energy transition, acknowledging the role of such initiatives in rebuilding the South African economy. The agreements not only support the partners’ decarbonization goals but also align with broader national objectives by enhancing energy security and addressing challenges like load shedding.

The collaboration between Sasol, Air Liquide, and Mainstream through long-term power purchase agreements stands as a significant stride in South Africa’s energy transition. It not only contributes to decarbonization but also fosters economic growth and community development, reinforcing Mainstream’s position as a key player in advancing renewable energy solutions in the region.


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