European Energy Exchange to Develop Biogas Registry.

The French Ministry of Energy Transition has tasked the European Energy Exchange (EEX) with the creation and operation of registry and auction services for biogas Guarantees of Origin (GOs), alongside registry services for biogas production certificates.

EEX, in collaboration with the Ministry, is set to unveil the biogas GO registry on October 1, 2023, taking over from the current operator, French gas distributor GrDF. The initial biogas GO auctions are projected to commence in early 2024.

Following the pattern of their management of the French Power GO registry since 2013, EEX will assume the role of both issuing body (registry operator) and auction operator for these fresh products.

For their registry operations, EEX will leverage the G-REX platform, developed by Grexel, lauded as Europe’s cutting-edge platform for registries.

These efforts involving GOs and registry services constitute a pivotal aspect of the company’s commitment to promote the energy transition. By fostering increased transparency and trust among market participants, EEX endeavors to facilitate the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources.

The GOs serve the purpose of providing a clear and transparent record of the origin of renewable energy within the EU. This encompasses various sources such as renewable electricity, biogas, and hydrogen.

Additionally, these registries play a crucial role by establishing a standardized, transparent, and efficient energy certification framework in line with European regulations. This framework can be adopted by companies as part of their endeavors to reduce carbon emissions.

In response to these developments, Peter Reitz, the CEO of EEX, expressed his enthusiasm. He affirmed that the collaboration with the French state is a positive extension of their previous engagement. Acknowledging the significance of biogas markets in driving the energy transition, Reitz highlighted the importance of reliable GO mechanisms to foster trust and transparency. He also emphasized their collective journey towards a cleaner energy future.

In summary, the French Ministry of Energy Transition’s partnership with EEX is set to pave the way for enhanced transparency, trust, and adoption of renewable fuels, specifically in the realm of biogas. This step aligns with the broader objective of achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.


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