Nigeria Police Force Champions Green Initiatives at COP28

In a groundbreaking announcement at the ongoing COP28 in Dubai, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun emphasized the Nigeria Police Force’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability through the Nigeria Police Green Initiatives (NPGI).

Egbetokun, during his address titled “Saving People with Environment,” outlined the police force’s dedication to tackling environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices across the nation. The NPGI, he explained, seeks to align with global endeavors combating the impacts of climate change while actively contributing to the ongoing energy transition.

The IGP articulated the force’s pledge to play a pivotal role in advancing energy transition initiatives, supporting the worldwide shift towards renewable energy. Among the outlined programs, the Nigeria Police Force plans to introduce extensive tree-planting initiatives across all commands, employ the use of gas to fuel patrol vans, and advocate for widespread adoption of renewable energy practices throughout the country.

Highlighting the urgency of collaborative efforts, Egbetokun called for a unified approach involving stakeholders, governments, and communities to effectively address environmental challenges. Stressing the need for collective action, he emphasized that enhancing sustainability in Nigeria requires a joint commitment from all sectors.

This announcement positions the Nigeria Police Force as a proactive contributor to global environmental goals, acknowledging the critical role law enforcement can play in driving positive change. The ambitious NPGI not only underscores the force’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also serves as a beacon for other institutions to follow suit.

As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, the Nigeria Police Force’s initiative sets a commendable precedent, demonstrating that every sector, including law enforcement, can contribute meaningfully to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


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