Nigerian Communications Commission Calls for Renewable Energy

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), in collaboration with key stakeholders including university vice chancellors and telecommunications services operators (telcos), has called for the widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions to address the growing energy demands in Nigeria. This call to action was made during a roundtable event hosted by the NCC in Lagos on Tuesday.

Amid discussions on harnessing innovative technologies such as solar, wind, and biomass, experts emphasized the significant potential of renewable energy to efficiently power communication infrastructures while yielding sustainable benefits. Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, delivered a crucial speech highlighting the role of renewable energy in reducing energy-related carbon emissions.

Danbatta, represented by Engr. Ubale Maska, the Executive Commissioner of Technical Services at NCC, emphasized, “As we gather here today, we are confronted by the urgent need to address the challenges posed by climate change and the increasing demand for energy.” He further stressed that the telecommunications sector, like many others, plays a vital role in transitioning to a sustainable energy future.

The NCC’s commitment to environmentally friendly growth in the telecom sector was underscored. Danbatta stated, “The commission recognizes the importance of clean energy usage in the telecommunications sector, and we are committed to promoting regulatory initiatives that encourage the adoption of renewable and ethical energy sources.” This commitment aligns with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the aim to achieve net-zero emissions.

Furthermore, studies cited during the event revealed that renewables, in conjunction with energy efficiency and electrification, could potentially contribute to more than 90% of the necessary reductions in energy-related carbon emissions. This finding highlights a significant opportunity for the telecommunications sector to actively contribute to the global energy transformation.

To drive this transition, the NCC is actively working on introducing policies to encourage ethical energy sourcing within the telecommunications industry. By increasing the use of electricity derived from renewable sources, the sector can accelerate the shift toward a sustainable energy future.

In summary, the roundtable organized by the NCC and attended by various stakeholders underscored the urgency of addressing climate change and growing energy demands. The telecommunications sector’s role in promoting renewable energy adoption and ethical energy sourcing was emphasized, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility and alignment with global sustainability goals. This proactive approach aims to drive a more sustainable and eco-friendly telecommunications industry in Nigeria.


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