Panic Heightens Over Gas Price Hikes as Biogas Stands out as the Only Possible Remedy

Growing concerns are surfacing over the anticipated surge in cooking gas prices, causing anxiety among consumers as industry insiders project an imminent price increase. Olatunbosun Oladapo, President of the Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers, has warned that consumers should prepare for impending price hikes expected to take effect as early as next week.

Oladapo has highlighted several converging factors that are driving this potential escalation. He emphasized the rise in international gas prices as a primary catalyst behind the impending surge. Furthermore, he pointed out the challenges posed by high tax rates and vessel costs, exacerbated by foreign exchange shortages and the devaluation of the national currency. These factors collectively contribute to the impending price adjustment that could strain consumers’ finances even further.

The anticipated price hikes have worrying consequences for consumer behavior. As the cost of cooking gas becomes increasingly unaffordable, many households are reverting to traditional alternatives like firewood, charcoal, and sawdust for cooking. This shift not only impacts air quality and deforestation but also represents a setback in the push for cleaner and more sustainable energy practices.

Oladapo’s statement underscores the urgent need for government intervention to mitigate the potential crisis’s impact on the general public. He urged authorities to provide relief measures to soften the blow of rising prices. Additionally, he called for a reduction in taxes and levies that contribute to the overall cost burden on consumers.

In light of this concerning situation, experts and stakeholders are proposing alternative solutions to mitigate the effects of escalating cooking gas prices. One such solution is biogas – a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source derived from organic waste. By harnessing biogas technology, households and businesses can generate their own cooking gas, reducing their reliance on conventional Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) that is vulnerable to price fluctuations. Biogas not only offers a sustainable energy option but also addresses waste management issues by repurposing organic materials.

As consumers brace themselves for the impending price hikes, the biogas alternative shines as a promising prospect in the quest for affordable, eco-friendly, and resilient energy solutions. Government support in promoting and facilitating the adoption of biogas technology could not only alleviate the financial burden on consumers but also contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape in Nigeria.


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