Suzuki Motor Corporation Aims to Produce Fuel for Automobile from Biogas

Suzuki Motor Corporation has taken a significant step towards environmentally-friendly transportation in India by finalizing a groundbreaking three-party agreement. This landmark deal involves Suzuki R&D Center India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzuki in India, the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), and Banas Dairy, one of Asia’s foremost dairy manufacturers. The wheels of this initiative began turning when Suzuki signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NDDB and Banas Dairy back in December 2022. The primary objective of this collaborative project was to pioneer biogas production and explore its potential as a sustainable fuel source for automobiles. The ultimate goal? To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener future. This ambitious endeavor will see the establishment of four state-of-the-art biogas production plants, all set to commence operations in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat, India, starting in 2025. The total investment earmarked for these four plants is a formidable INR 2.3 billion, roughly equivalent to €25.2 million, underscoring Suzuki’s commitment to environmentally responsible innovation. Each biogas production plant will be accompanied by a biogas filling station, strategically positioned to facilitate the distribution of fuel for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. This move is particularly significant given Maruti Suzuki’s commanding presence in the Indian CNG vehicle market, where it holds over 70% market share. The agreement’s official conclusion was marked by a prestigious ceremony held on September 6th at the Embassy of India in Japan. Dignitaries present included Banas Dairy’s chairman, Chaudhry, NDDB’s chairman and managing director, Shah, and Suzuki’s president, Suzuki, all of whom emphasized the importance of this collaboration in advancing sustainable mobility solutions. Sibi George, the Ambassador of India to Japan, also graced the occasion with his presence. During the ceremony, President Suzuki expressed his commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting strategies that are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of each country and region. In the context of India, he highlighted the growing anticipation for biogas, which is renowned for its potent greenhouse gas reduction properties. He affirmed Suzuki’s dedication to realizing carbon neutrality by actively promoting biogas production as a vital component of their business strategy. Suzuki’s partnership with NDDB and Banas Dairy signifies a significant stride towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for India’s transportation sector. With the impending operation of these four biogas production plants and the availability of biogas as a clean and efficient fuel source, Suzuki is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also paving the way for a greener tomorrow in the Indian automotive industry.


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