African leaders Urged to Transition to Renewable Energy

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350.Org, an international environmental organization, is urging African leaders to prioritize the transition away from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy development. Ms. Rukiya Khamis, Regional Organizer for, conveyed this message in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), ahead of the launch of the “Power Up” for climate solutions initiative.

Khamis emphasized the importance of directing resources toward people-centered renewable energy projects and phasing out fossil fuels. She also called for the fossil fuel industry to take responsibility for its role in the climate crisis.

The heavy reliance on fossil fuels for energy generation has led to environmental and social challenges in Africa. Khamis stressed the urgency of harnessing Africa’s abundant renewable energy potential, particularly in wind and solar power, to mitigate the escalating climate impacts affecting the continent.

As part of their commitment to a cleaner, more equitable future for Africa, 350.Org is leading a global month-long campaign known as the “Power Up” initiative. The campaign aims to exert pressure on governments to shift away from fossil fuels and reinvest excessive profits from the fossil fuel industry into a global renewable energy revolution that is fair and equitable.

Working closely with local groups and communities, the NGO seeks to raise awareness about the importance of community-centered renewable projects to create a sustainable and clean environment.

Khamis highlighted the need to hold oil companies accountable for their contributions to the planet’s rapid warming. She called for a departure from coal, oil, and gas dependence and demanded that polluters take responsibility for the essential transformation required to combat climate change.

350.Org believes that the world possesses the technology and tools to transition to clean and renewable energy sources. The missing element is the necessary political will to drive this transition.

In Nigeria, the NGO has planned a series of “Power Up” activities in various locations, including Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Ogoni land in the Niger Delta. These events will raise awareness about oil spills, environmental degradation, and the imperative shift to renewable energy.

350.Org stands as a prominent civil society organization advocating for the discontinuation of fossil fuel exploration in Africa and the adoption of a just transition to renewable energy.


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