Call for Promoting Renewable Energy in Nigeria

TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with TEPNG/NNPCL Joint Ventures, has called for increased commitment to the use of renewable energy as a means to combat the pressing issue of climate change. This call was made by Mr. Obi Imemba, the Executive Director of JV Assets at TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited, during the “Project Make in Nigeria” summit, which aimed to promote local production and was held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Imemba emphasized the urgency of recognizing the advantages of renewable energy and urged organizations to diversify their energy production methods. He stressed the importance of protecting the environment from further pollution caused by traditional energy production methods.

Imemba emphasized that climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, and to ensure a sustainable future, it is crucial to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. He highlighted that activities such as energy production and even farming have environmental consequences, and it’s essential to integrate environmental responsibility into all aspects of our lives.

The Executive Director recommended that people transition to renewable energy sources, such as solar power, rather than relying on fossil fuels and generators, which contribute to pollution and environmental problems. He also called for responsible environmental practices across various sectors.

TotalEnergies, he disclosed, is actively involved in providing renewable energy solutions, including oil, gas, solar, wind, hydrogen, biomass, and green electricity. The company is encouraging individuals and organizations to diversify their energy sources by moving away from fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy options. This move aligns with their commitment to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050, with a focus on producing more energy with fewer emissions.

Imemba expressed enthusiasm for the “Project Make in Nigeria” initiative, which promotes local products and encourages local content development. He noted that TotalEnergies is dedicated to supporting local development wherever it operates and has brought skilled acquisition trainees from local communities to participate in the conference, showcasing their contributions to the event.

TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited, in partnership with TEPNG/NNPCL Joint Ventures, is advocating for a greater commitment to renewable energy to address climate change and reduce environmental impact. The company is actively involved in providing a spectrum of renewable energy solutions while encouraging the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. This call for sustainable energy practices aligns with their goal of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Additionally, TotalEnergies supports initiatives that promote local production and content development, emphasizing the importance of local development wherever they operate.


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