Biogas Plant Fire Incident

On August 24, a fire erupted at a unique biogas facility in Malaga, marking the first incident of its kind in Andalusia. The blaze specifically impacted the pre-existing platform within the Agroenergia de Campillos SL biogas plant. Fortunately, swift and efficient action by firefighters swiftly brought the situation under control, as confirmed by the local council. An official online statement assured that no individuals suffered harm during the incident.

Established in 2016, this biogas plant possesses a noteworthy capacity of 60,000 tons annually. Its primary purpose revolves around addressing slurry management challenges within a region characterized by a dense pig population, making it one of the most concentrated areas of its kind in Andalusia. Beyond its waste management role, the facility plays a crucial role in generating sustainable energy. Annually, it produces an impressive output of over 16 million kilowatt-hours (KWh) in the form of biogas energy.

In the wake of this recent fire, authorities have taken necessary measures to secure the site and prevent future occurrences. The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of such biogas plants in managing waste, creating energy, and supporting regions with intensive animal husbandry practices. As a pioneering initiative in the Andalusian landscape, the plant continues to stand as an emblem of sustainable waste management and renewable energy generation.

In conclusion, the blaze that erupted at the biogas plant in Malaga on August 22, the first of its kind in Andalusia, had a limited impact on the plant’s infrastructure and was efficiently quelled by firefighters. The plant, established in 2016, is a pivotal player in tackling slurry management challenges and producing biogas energy, generating over 16 million KWh annually. This incident highlights the importance of such facilities in both waste management and sustainable energy production within livestock-rich regions.


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