Nigerian EV Advocate Urges Government Action for Renewable Energy

Daniel Mbamala, a prominent advocate for electric vehicles in Nigeria, has called on the federal government to actively support local players in the renewable energy sector. Expressing concern, he emphasized that Nigeria might face a severe economic crisis in the near future without such support.

Mbamala conveyed this message during a press conference in Abuja following his participation in the Climate Change Conference in Dubai. Highlighting the consensus reached at COP28, where nearly 200 nations agreed to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, he urged the government to introduce intervention grants to foster growth in the industry.

As the MD/CEO of Unique Marvel Nigeria Ltd and a Regional Partner at Electric Motor Vehicle Company (EMVC), Mbamala, who attended COP28 with the company’s founder, Prince Mustapha Mona Audu, suggested that Nigeria’s reliance on oil could soon become unsustainable on a global scale. He called for a shift in mentality, encouraging Nigerians to invest in and support renewable energy products.

Mbamala specifically appealed to the federal government to collaborate with the National and State Assemblies to enact a comprehensive National Renewable Energy Law. This law, he argued, would provide essential guidance, protection, and regulation for industry players, aligning with the agreements made at COP28.

Expressing a sense of urgency, Mbamala stated, “It is important that the Government develops this law to guide, protect, and regulate people who are industry players in this sector.” He stressed that passing such legislation would position Nigeria on the right path towards a sustainable energy future.

Despite acknowledging the challenges, Mbamala commended the Nigerian government’s delegation for their active participation in the global climate change gathering. He asserted that the nation possesses the natural resources required for success in the renewable energy sector, provided the right policies and laws are established.

“The first step is for them to pass a comprehensive National Renewable Energy Law,” Mbamala emphasized. He suggested that the law should encompass all aspects discussed at COP28 and be enacted at both the National and State Assembly levels, providing a clear direction for industry players.

Mbamala urged the government to create a national intervention fund to implement these programs and support individuals and companies involved in the sector. He highlighted the struggles faced by those in solar energy, electric vehicles, recycling, and related fields, emphasizing the need for financial incentives to propel Nigeria forward in the global transition to renewable energy.


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