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In the heart of Gombe, Dr. Garba Buwa, a dedicated gynecologist, grappled with the challenges of unreliable electricity at the State Specialist Hospital. National grid outages and malfunctioning generators plunged the hospital into darkness, leading to tragic outcomes for numerous women and infants. The dire situation reflected a broader crisis, with over 85 million Nigerians lacking access to electricity, impacting daily life and essential services.

In response, the Government launched the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP), a $550 million initiative, bolstered by The World Bank’s support. The NEP aimed to bring off-grid electricity to millions, resulting in 5 million people gaining access to reliable power and the creation of green jobs. Dr. Buwa’s hospital underwent a transformative shift, embracing solar energy installations that proved to be a game-changer in improving survival rates for mothers and newborns.

The positive impact extended beyond healthcare, reaching small business owners like Abiodun Taiwo, a barber in Ogun state. Access to solar electricity significantly reduced operational costs, enabling Abiodun to maintain service prices, turn a profit, and power essential devices. The success stories prompted the government to launch the ‘Distributed Access through Renewable Energy Scale-up (DARES)’ program, aiming to provide over 17 million Nigerians with new or improved access to electricity.

Despite the progress made through initiatives like NEP, Nigeria still faced a significant electrification gap. DARES, backed by a comprehensive funding plan exceeding $1 billion from international organizations and private investors, seeks to replace polluting generators with clean and reliable power. The initiative focuses on deploying renewable energy infrastructure, such as solar mini-grids and home systems, to connect millions to reliable electricity.

The electrification revolution promises to not only bridge the gap but also empower communities, fostering economic stability and a brighter future for Nigeria.


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