Powering the Future: Nigeria’s Push for Renewable Energy Dominance

Stakeholders within Nigeria’s Electricity sector are embarking on a strategic initiative to amplify the integration of renewable energy solutions, emphasizing effective consumer finance, investment support, and collaborative efforts among stakeholders.

During the 2023 Renewable Energy Conference held in Abuja on Sunday, organized by the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF), Afam Victor Ogene, Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Renewable Energy, underscored the critical importance of renewable energy in the face of depleting global fossil fuel reserves. Ogene urged Nigeria to proactively invest in the renewable energy sector and related technologies, positioning them as the future of electricity generation.

Highlighting the persistent challenge of limited access to electricity in Nigeria, Ogene advocated for targeted investments in renewable energy, emphasizing that with the nation’s diverse renewable resources, proper funding could catalyze the development of technology to bridge the energy gap.

Calling for purpose-driven commitments, Ogene urged both the government and private sector entities to invest intentionally in renewable energy to ensure a substantial impact on the nation’s energy landscape.

Ayo Ademilua, President of REAN, emphasized the urgency of adopting renewable energy, citing the escalating costs of fossil fuels predominantly used by businesses. He asserted that renewable energy is no longer an alternative but a necessity, especially considering the soaring prices of petrol.

Providing insight into the rapid growth of Nigeria’s off-grid renewable energy sector, Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad, Managing Director of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), acknowledged the substantial progress witnessed in the nation’s off-grid, renewable energy space over the past five years.

As Nigeria grapples with the challenges of conventional electricity access and the global shift towards sustainable practices, the concerted efforts of stakeholders, governmental bodies, and private enterprises in prioritizing renewable energy solutions are poised to shape the trajectory of the nation’s energy future.


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